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PandaHall Coupons & Promo Codes - July 14, 2024

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About us

PandaHall is an online platform that provides a wide range of jewelry-making supplies, from beads and gemstones to wire and tools. The platform was established in 2003, and it has since become a global leader in the industry, serving over 200 countries and regions around the world. PandaHall’s extensive product range and excellent customer service make it a go-to destination for jewelry makers, whether they are beginners or experts.

One of the hallmarks of PandaHall is its extensive product range. The platform offers over 3 million items, ranging from beads and charms to jewelry findings and tools. With such a wide selection, customers can find everything they need for their jewelry-making projects in one place. PandaHall’s products are of high quality, and the platform sources them from trusted manufacturers and suppliers.

In addition to its product range, PandaHall is also known for its competitive prices. The platform offers wholesale prices to customers, which means that they can save money by purchasing in bulk. PandaHall also runs regular promotions and offers discounts on select products, making its products even more affordable.

Another reason why PandaHall is popular among jewelry makers is its customer service. The platform’s customer service team is knowledgeable and helpful, and they are always ready to assist customers with their queries and concerns. PandaHall also provides a range of resources to help customers with their jewelry-making projects, including tutorials, articles, and videos.

One of the standout features of PandaHall is its commitment to sustainability. The platform sources its products from ethical and sustainable suppliers and manufacturers. It also encourages customers to recycle and upcycle their jewelry-making supplies to reduce waste. PandaHall’s commitment to sustainability is in line with the growing demand for eco-friendly products and practices in the jewelry-making industry.

PandaHall’s website is easy to navigate, and it offers a range of payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. The platform also offers a 30-day return policy, which gives customers peace of mind when shopping. PandaHall ships its products worldwide, and it offers a range of shipping options to suit different needs and budgets.

PandaHall is also committed to protecting its customers’ privacy and data. The platform uses secure payment gateways and encryption technologies to ensure that customers’ payment information is safe and secure. PandaHall also has a strict privacy policy that outlines how it collects, uses, and protects customers’ personal information.

In conclusion, PandaHall is a reliable and trusted platform for jewelry makers around the world. Its extensive product range, competitive prices, excellent customer service, and commitment to sustainability make it a top choice for customers. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in jewelry making, PandaHall has everything you need to bring your creative vision to life.

Information about PandaHall

If you love jewelry, visit the PandaHall website immediately.

Use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube for direct contact us.

Before making a purchase, please read their Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Site Map, Discount Policy, Shipping & Delivery, Return Policy.

Please contact them directly if you have any questions or take a look at the survey below: F. A. Q.

Guide to buy on PandaHall

Step 1: Select your favorite product then “Addto cart”.

Step 2: After checking, select checkout to proceed with payment

Step 3: Visit to choose the appropriate discount code.

Step 4: Apply the discount code to the order


Guide to find discount code for PandaHall on x2coupons

Visit in step 1. then type “PandaHall” into the page’s search box.

Step 2: After the promo codes are displayed, click on the one that would help you the most. Then copy and use it for the item you are purchasing.

Guide to find PandaHall coupon code on Facebook

First, log onto Facebook on any device.

Step 2: To locate the quickest discount, search the hashtag #x2couponsxstorename.

Step 3: Choose your preferred discount code after visiting the website

Guide to find PandaHall promo codes for store on Twitter

Navigate to your Twitter account in Step 1 and then click the search box.

Step 2: Add the hashtag #x2ouponsxPandaHall; at the top, a link to our website will appear.

Step 3: All that’s left to do is choose and include the discount code into your purchase.

Guide to find PandaHall promo codes for store on Instagram

Step 1: Go to or log into your Instagram account.

Step 2: Look up #x2ouponsxPandaHall on social media.

Step 3: A link with a ton of incredibly helpful discount codes soon appeared on our website.

Step 4: Copy the order code and put it where it is needed.

Quick guide to use the code for the next time

Step 1: Enter “PandaHallx2coupon” in the search box of Google Chrome.

Step 2: Visit the right website and follow the instructions there to redeem the voucher.

Typical products

Elastic Crystal Thread, Stretchy String Bead Cord, for Beaded Jewelry Making, Clear, 0.8mm, about 10.93 yards(10m)/roll(EW-S003-0.8mm-01)

Self-Adhesive Kraft Paper Gift Tag Stickers, Adhesive Labels, for Festival, Christmas, Holiday Presents, Pet Dog, Colorful, Sticker: 25mm, 500pcs/roll(DIY-G013-A05)

Waxed Cotton Thread Cords, Black, 1mm, about 100yards/roll(300 feet/roll)(YC-R003-1.0mm-332)

Waterproof Self Adhesive Paper Stickers, for Suitcase, Skateboard, Refrigerator, Helmet, Mobile Phone Shell, Animal Pattern, 42~74×40~80×0.2mm, about 52pcs/bag(DIY-F108-13)

Frequently asked questions about PandaHall

  1. What types of products does PandaHall sell?

PandaHall offers a vast selection of jewelry making supplies, including beads, pendants, charms, clasps, findings, stringing materials, tools, and more. They also offer a range of finished jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

  1. Where does PandaHall ship to?

PandaHall ships to most countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and countries in Europe and Asia. However, some restrictions may apply to certain products or locations.

  1. How long does shipping take?

Shipping times vary depending on the shipping method selected, the destination country, and other factors. In general, customers can expect their order to arrive within 7-20 business days. Expedited shipping options are available for an additional fee.

  1. What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs depend on the weight and size of the items ordered, as well as the shipping destination. Customers can view estimated shipping costs at checkout before placing their order.

  1. What payment methods does PandaHall accept?

PandaHall accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. Customers can also use their PandaHall credit to pay for their orders.

  1. Does PandaHall offer free samples?

Yes, PandaHall offers free sample cards that include Tibetan silver beads and jewelry findings. However, customers are responsible for paying the shipping costs. Only one free sample card is allowed per order.

  1. What is the return policy?

Customers can return items within 30 days of receipt for a refund or exchange, provided that the items are in their original condition and packaging. However, customers are responsible for the return shipping costs. Customized products with processing services cannot be cancelled once payment has been confirmed.

  1. What if I have a problem with my order?

Customers can contact PandaHall’s customer service team for assistance with any issues related to their order. The team can be reached via email or phone during business hours.

  1. Does PandaHall offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, PandaHall offers wholesale pricing for customers who order in large quantities. Customers can contact the wholesale team for more information.

  1. Are all products in stock?

PandaHall offers products with different stock statuses, including in-stock, presale, and limited quantity items. Customers should check the final information displayed at checkout to confirm the actual delivery time for their order.

In summary, PandaHall is a reputable online retailer that offers a wide selection of jewelry making supplies at competitive prices. Customers can expect efficient shipping and a variety of payment options. The customer service team is available to assist with any issues or questions that may arise, and the return policy provides a reasonable timeframe for returns or exchanges. With these answers to frequently asked questions, customers can feel confident in their shopping experience with PandaHall.

PandaHall Reviews


“Bigger than I thought they would be but still super cute”

“The beads are very pretty and they are all in great shape. They will be sitting in the package for a while until I figure out what to do with them. I didn’t pay attention to the size of these. I needed much smaller beads. I believe these are 10 mm when I need about half that size for what I’m making. Oh, well, I’ll find a use for them, even if I have to wear dreads for awhile. They are really nice.”

“perfect bugger size for a necklace or bracelet, hoping to continue finding what I need from you”

“These little beads are perfect too as a special touch to crafting projects! Would recommend.”

Source: Trustpilot reviews

“I make jewelry to resell at a very busy flea market in Florida. I need a constant supply of new items to create amazing one of a kind creations. My only supplier is Pandahall. I discovered them 9 years ago and I only shop with Pandahall. I could stop the review at just saying that, but you need to know why I only shop at Pandahall.
#1- quality. I receive large orders. Every item is of high quality. My pendants are never missing stones. My chains are never nicked or scuffed. They are perfectly beautiful.
#2-price. The price is low enough to make a nice profit. I unpack each order and get super excited because half the time the pictures don’t do the items justice.
If you buy to resell place an order large enough to get free shipping.
My first order was scary for me. I was used to spending under $20 on my orders from sellers on ebay. I put all my money into one order from one seller(Pandahall) knowing if I get inferior quality merchandise my business would suffer a huge loss. When I received my first order I realized that I was going to be successful.”

“I work with PandaHall for many years !
Always a plesure, everytime I am very pleased with the products !

Thank you”.

“I recieved the items fast and they were awesome! Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you. I will def. buy from you again. <3”

“Pandahall are my go-to supplier for my crafting business. The selection and quality of products is excellent and I can always find what I need. Prices are excellent, especially as a large volume consumer as I get a small discount – which helps a lot! Their processing & packing times range from 3-10 days but once the product ships I expect it very quickly.

Whenever an item has been out of stock I have been able to chose a replacement immediately and get my order moving again. I wouldn’t shop anywhere else for my business”

“I find the website very easy to navigate. That is a big plus right from the start. The currency is in my currency so easy to see what it costs and how much shipping will be. I love all the specials – up to 65% off. I really like how they tell you in the cart that more items/weight can be added for the same cost of shipping! The number of times I have added more to save money overall, enabling me to buy individual items at a better overall price – fantastic!”

What we have improved from customer contributions

Page speed is faster: our developer team has tried their best to simplify the website to make it faster to load, giving our customers the best experience.

Improve coupon quality: we always survey and remove unused coupons, update discount codes with the most offers, bring the most benefits when shopping for customers.

Shaping the service’s own value: we work with the goal of saving more money for customers when shopping online, introducing customers to good products and services in the world.

Spread on social networks: our message and brand values are spread on all platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram,…

FAQs Of PandaHall Coupons

Q: How does promo codes work?
A: PandaHall discount code is a code to help you shop online at a cheap price. This discount code can reduce a certain percentage of the order value or the codes still ship for free. This helps you to shop comfortably and give you a reason to buy in the next time.
Q: Do you have a promo code?
A: PandaHall discount code is code to help customer to save money when online shopping on this website. We show up many PandaHall promo codes for all types of goods that you will need. Click in to see more.
Q: Where can i get a voucher?
A: We provide many PandaHall voucher codes for stores in x2coupons. Chose the store you want to buy by typing store's domain in the search bar in or paste in Google. Pick a useful code for you by clicking "Show code". Let's see. Your coupon code appeared, and you can buy at cheap prices now.
Q: How to find PandaHall discount codes for websites?
A: That's so easy. You just type store's domain you want in the search bar in or scroll up the page. Pick a code and click ""Show code"". All you have to do now is copy the code and shop online.
Q: Are PandaHall promo codes legal?
A: PandaHall coupon code in is very safe and convenient. We are committed to providing legal codes and protecting customer information. Please rest assured to use the code on and shop online.
Q: What does promo code mean?
A: PandaHall discount code or promo code is a series of characters for customers to shop online at a lower value of their order. PandaHall promo code in is very convenient and useful with many codes for all types of goods, especially for people who like shopping online.
Q: How much does PandaHall discount code save?
A: PandaHall discount code in saves a certain percentage of the order value or the codes for shipping free. How much the discount is based on the order value and the store's permission. Choose the store you want to get the code, and see how much the order value is reduced in detail.
Q: Why PandaHall promo codes don't work?
A: Maybe some PandaHall discount codes are expired or not working. There are many other PandaHall discount codes in "", choose another code until it works, If it still doesn't work, please contact us.
Q: What PandaHall promo codes always work?
A: PandaHall discount codes have a certain expiry date based on store promotions. So choose the discount code you want in and apply it to your order.
Q: Can PandaHall promo codes be used in stores?
A: Entirely possible. Access to choose the discount code you want, then copy and paste it on your order in-store website. That sound good.
Q: Stuff you should know about promo codes?
A: PandaHall discount code or promo code is a series of characters for customers to shop online at a lower value of their order. PandaHall discount code in save a certain percentage of the order value or the codes for shipping free. They may also be applied only to specific products, combinations of products, or a whole order. So choose the discount code you want in and apply it to your order.
Q: Does PandaHall gift card expire?
A: Of course there is. PandaHall gift cards are only valid for a certain period of time. But if the gift card expires, don't worry because we provide a lot of PandaHall discount codes with different offers for you to choose from. Please select the appropriate discount code and apply it to your order right away.
Q: Are PandaHall gift cards taxed?
A: PandaHall gift cards have no tax. Because gift card is not goods for sale. So if you see any taxable gift card, don't use it.
Q: which PandaHall gift cards can be used internationally?
A: PandaHall gift cards can be used internationally by use virtual Visa gift cards internationally in most countries across the globe.
Q: Does PandaHall have free shipping, and when will PandaHall have free shipping?
A: PandaHall have free shipping. There are lots of free shipping discount codes in Choose store you want and apply, but sometimes that offer also expires so don't miss it.
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