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About us

Yoox is a one-stop fashion and lifestyle destination that inspires people to express their true selves through style. It is a world-leading online luxury fashion and style destination that caters to the Gen-Z and millennial community. The brand has a unique assortment of fashion, décor, and art that pushes boundaries and reflects the values of its young and vibrant community. Through its Yoox Marketplace, the brand reaches a growing number of customers and brand partners, enhancing its position as the one-stop fashion and lifestyle destination.

The brand empowers its customers to make informed choices through its responsible product edit and broader shopping journey. It connects with a vibrant global community of young and inspiring voices who share values of inclusivity, societal purpose, and self-expression. Yoox is more than just a shopping platform; it is a culture of collaborative creativity that inspires people to think differently about fashion and style.

Yoox NET-A-PORTER is the result of the merger between Yoox and Net-A-Porter. The merger resulted in the creation of the world’s largest luxury fashion and style e-commerce platform. The brand is dedicated to creating an infinite future for fashion by rethinking what is desirable and reinventing how fashion is used and reused over time. The brand’s ten-year Infinity strategy exists to responsibly redefine what is possible for its impact on the luxury fashion industry.

Infinity sets out four strategic focus areas where the brand is pursuing progress to 2030, each backed by three clear commitments. The four strategic focus areas are Circular Business, Circular Culture, Planet Positive, and People Positive. The brand’s commitments include designing for circular, unlocking re-commerce, making loved clothes last, enabling better choices, inspiring customers, curating a conscious experience, becoming climate positive, sourcing and buying responsibly, protecting natural ecosystems, nurturing young talent, creating optimal workplaces, and building an inclusive world.

Yoox NET-A-PORTER takes pride in its work to make a positive impact on the future of the fashion industry. The brand holds itself accountable to drive progress against each of its commitments, sharing its achievements and taking an honest look at where it needs to concentrate its efforts. The brand’s collaborations and projects aim to bring people together and imagine new ways to reshape luxury fashion.

Yoox NET-A-PORTER’s online stores have a platform to curate and showcase products from its luxury and fashion brand partners that meet principles considerate of the planet and people. The brand’s online stores are working to give new life to pre-loved designer pieces and keep them in circulation for longer. Customers are given the opportunity to refresh their wardrobes by reselling their womenswear and menswear through the brand’s services.

Yoox NET-A-PORTER is not just a brand that sells fashion; it is a brand that is committed to creating a better future for the fashion industry. It is a brand that is dedicated to sustainability and inclusivity. The brand’s internal mobility program promotes the development and retention of the best talent in the business. The brand actively promotes internal mobility within Yoox NET-A-PORTER and Richemont through access to roles and career events.

In conclusion, Yoox is a one-stop fashion and lifestyle destination that is dedicated to creating an infinite future for fashion. It is a brand that is committed to sustainability, inclusivity, and responsible business practices. The brand’s ten-year Infinity strategy exists to responsibly redefine what is possible for its impact on the luxury fashion industry. The brand’s commitment to its people, partners, and the planet is evident in all its operations, and it continues to inspire people to think differently about fashion and style.

Information about Yoox

Instead of losing out if you love apparel and want to get the greatest things, visit the Yoox website.

Via websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Tiktok and Instagram, you may get in touch with them both personally and online.

You can check the FAQs section if you have any questions.

When making a purchase, one should also be aware of the following recommendations: Shipping times & costs, Payments and web security, Product quality, Track your order, Returns & refunds, Size Guide.

Guide to buy on Yoox

Step 1: Select the product you want to buy and then click “Add to shopping bag”.

Step 2: After selecting the product, continue to select the cart icon above. Check the order and then tick the box “Buying a gift”.

Step 3: Visit: “” then select the desired discount code.

Step 4: Paste the discount code into “Enter your code” and then continue “Proceed with your order” to complete.

Guide to find discount code for Yoox on x2coupons

Start by opening a browser and going to

The next step is to type “Yoox” into the search box. There will be discount vouchers available. The right promotional code must be copied.

Step 3: Add the promotional code to complete the order.

Guide to find Yoox coupons code on Facebook:

Step 1: Go to the website and log into your Facebook account.

Step 2: In the search field, enter #Yooxxx2coupons. Our Facebook post from Yoox will appear in the search results. Go there first to get the discount code.

Step 3: Use the discount code to your order as soon as you receive it.

Guide to find Yoox coupons code on Twitter:

Step 1: Log in to your Twitter account.

Step 2: Look up the hashtag #Yooxxx2coupons in the search field. There is a Facebook link for this store on the right.

3. Browse the website and select the best coupon.

Guide to find Yoox coupons code on Instagram:

Step 1: The initial action is to visit for further information.

Step 2: Use the hashtag #Yooxxx2coupons to rapidly find the best deals for your order.

Step 3: To continue with the checkout procedure, copy it and paste it into the order’s promo code area.

Quick guide to use the code for the next time

Step 1: Enter “Yoox x2coupons” in the search field.

Step 2: It will be clear what happened during the initial appointment. To get the discount coupon, select it and proceed as you did the first time.

Frequently asked questions about Yoox

  1. What is Yoox? Yoox is an online fashion and lifestyle retailer that offers a unique assortment of fashion, décor, and art. The company is dedicated to empowering customers to express their true selves through style and provides a platform that reaches a growing number of customers and brand partners.
  2. When was Yoox founded? Yoox was founded in 2000 by Federico Marchetti in Milan, Italy.
  3. Where is Yoox based? Yoox is headquartered in Milan, Italy, and has additional offices and warehouses in New York, Tokyo, and Shanghai.
  4. Is Yoox owned by another company? Yes, in 2015, Yoox merged with Net-a-Porter to create Yoox Net-a-Porter Group, which is owned by the Swiss luxury goods group Richemont.
  5. What brands does Yoox carry? Yoox offers a diverse range of luxury and designer brands, including Armani, Givenchy, Prada, Saint Laurent, and many more.
  6. Does Yoox offer free shipping? Yes, Yoox offers free standard shipping on orders over a certain amount, which may vary depending on the country of delivery. Additionally, Yoox offers express shipping options for an additional fee.
  7. What is Yoox’s return policy? Yoox offers a flexible return policy, allowing customers to return items within 60 days of delivery. Returns are free of charge and can be made through the Yoox website.
  8. Does Yoox offer sales or discounts? Yes, Yoox frequently offers sales and discounts on its products, particularly during major shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Customers can also sign up for the Yoox newsletter to receive exclusive offers and promotions.
  9. Does Yoox offer sustainable or eco-friendly products? Yes, Yoox has a dedicated platform called YOOXYGEN, which offers a curated selection of sustainable and eco-friendly products from various brands. Additionally, Yoox has implemented various sustainability initiatives as part of its Infinity strategy, which aims to create a more responsible future for luxury and fashion.
  10. Does Yoox have a mobile app? Yes, Yoox has a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices, which allows customers to browse and shop the latest collections, receive personalized recommendations, and stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends.

Reviews about Yoox

Source: Trustpilot reviews

“It is always great to shop at Yoox
It is always great to shop at Yoox, you can find a rare pieces at affordable prices. Customer service is helpful and promptly respond and I had no issues with posting back returns and tracking it back all the way to wearhouse. Refunds are either back on your card or instant refund is available to your Yoox wallet. I love shopping at Yoox.”

“The best
I shop from yoox for years, countless clothes and shoes. Always in the best prices, best quality, authentic items only, amazing offers, on time, not even once a wrong piece, easy and free returns, immediate response in emails, the return of money may take up to a month but you never loose money in yoox. I just love it! Thanks guys there in Bentivoglio! 😍”

“Need to be able to filter by seller…
Need to be able to filter by seller i.e. Yoox or not Yoox otherwise, you’ll be soon the next Farfetch with their dumb prices
I can add to the cart items that are not available anymore, it is frustrating :)”

“Great prices & excellent…
Great prices & excellent filtering/matching options. Gift packaging is a perfect touch for the price w/tracking available for the gift recipient. Note that there will be processing time plus the shipping time so take that into account and don’t wait to order things. Awesome experience and Yoox is now my new favorite place to shop.”

“Gorgeous coat, so happy I got it
Gorgeous coat, exactly as pictured!! Very fast shipment, beautifully packed. The only suggestion I would make, if possible: while it’s wonderful that you give the length on coats, I would love a chest measurement as well, to help make sure something will fit.
This coat is so beautiful I would have worn it open if I had to, fortunately it did fit in the chest- but I took a chance when I bought it. Without a chest measurement I might not be able to buy a dress or blouse, which, of course, cannot be worn open!!”


“For 13 years im a satisfied customer,
I usually dont write reviews but all these reviews that ahad read before
Made me write this one.
I’ve never experienced bad servicing from the company,even when (years ago) i bought a pair of shoes that i whore them for 2 weeks and they have been broken they had accept my complaints and made an exchange.
For beeing for 13 years a loyal customer means that they really fullfill my expectations.
Thank you YOOX!”

“Minor problems during my 7 years as a customer. Great choice, great opportunities, follow your favourite brand and you will be satisfied, easy return. I was in Italy December 2022 and bought nothing because it was all available on Yoox with discount.”

“After making my purchase, I discovered several websites with reviews that were very concerning. I had no need to worry.

My purchase (nike trainers) turned up as expected, a day early actually, in perfect condition etc.

I’m buying from the UK and I think the company is mostly based in Italy so delivery took a few days but I was happy.

I haven’t needed to return anything or contact customer services since my order was correct.”

“I been a client for 14 years now…made countless purchases for myslef and my family. Quality of clothes is always super and top brands. Of course it all depend how you take care of the clothes they last long time. Occasionally, I received some items by error but not a big deal I returned them. I always leave exchanges are money yoox and buy something else I need. I never had any single issue with company. It seems like people do not get that it takes a while for clothes to arrive since they shipped from Europe. So 2-3 weeks is normal. They always come – very happy with the site and service.”

“It seems there is confusion w YOOX and another company. I have ordered shoes twice from The first was 6 weeks ago – two pair for a total of $648. With standard shipping the well packaged box arrived within 3 weeks. Both were too large. I retained the box and placed the (free) return UPS shipping label. I dropped it at the local UPS store. One week later I received a full refund through my Paypal account. Last week I ordered two more pair with express shipping. They arrived yesterday and both fit perfectly. YOOX offers discounted prices of a huge variety of shoes… TopShop to highest end. Their phone reps are professional and friendly. This is now my absolute trusted go-to site. I feel really badly for them that apparently some sketchy company has nearly copied their name.”

What we have improved from customer contributions

Page speed is faster: our developer team has tried their best to simplify the website to make it faster to load, giving our customers the best experience.

Improve coupon quality: we always survey and remove unused coupons, update discount codes with the most offers, bring the most benefits when shopping for customers.

Shaping the service’s own value: we work with the goal of saving more money for customers when shopping online, introducing customers to good products and services in the world.

Spread on social networks: our message and brand values are spread on all platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram,…

FAQs Of Yoox Coupons

Q: Which Yoox gift cards can be used internationally?
A: Yoox gift cards can be used internationally by use virtual Visa gift cards internationally in most countries across the globe.
Q: Where is promo code in roblox?
A: We provide many Yoox voucher codes for stores in x2coupons. Chose the store you want to buy by typing store's domain in the search bar in or in Google. Pick a useful code for you by clicking "Show code". Let's see. Your coupon code appeared, and you can buy at cheap prices now.
Q: How do i get a real promo code?
A: That's so easy. You just type store's domain you want in the search bar in or scroll up the page. Pick a code and click "Show code". All you have to do now is copy the code and shop online.
Q: How does promo codes work?
A: Yoox discount code is a code to help you shop online at a cheap price. This discount code can reduce a certain percentage of the order value or the codes still ship for free. This helps you to shop comfortably and give you a reason to buy in the next time.
Q: Are promo codes legal?
A: Yoox coupon code in is very safe and convenient. We are committed to providing legal codes and protecting customer information. Please rest assured to use the code on and shop online.
Q: What does promo code mean?
A: Yoox discount code or promo code is a series of characters for customers to shop online at a lower value of their order. Yoox promo code in is very convenient and useful with many codes for all types of goods, especially for people who like shopping online.
Q: How much does Yoox discount code save?
A: Yoox discount code in saves a certain percentage of the order value or the codes for shipping free. How much the discount is based on the order value and the store's permission. Choose the store you want to get the code, and see how much the order value is reduced in detail.
Q: why Yoox promo codes don't work?
A: Maybe some Yoox discount codes are expired or not working. There are many other Yoox discount codes in "", choose another code until it works, If it still doesn't work, please contact us.
Q: What Yoox promo codes always work?
A: Yoox discount codes have a certain expiry date based on store promotions. So choose the discount code you want in and apply it to your order.
Q: Can Yoox promo codes be used in stores?
A: Entirely possible. Access to choose the discount code you want, then copy and paste it on your order in-store website. That sound good.
Q: Stuff you should know about promo codes?
A: Yoox discount code or promo code is a series of characters for customers to shop online at a lower value of their order. Yoox discount code in save a certain percentage of the order value or the codes for shipping free. They may also be applied only to specific products, combinations of products, or a whole order. So choose the discount code you want in and apply it to your order.
Q: Are Yoox gift cards taxed?
A: Yoox gift cards have no tax. Because gift card is not goods for sale. So if you see any taxable gift card, don't use it.
Q: How many offers did Yoox have?
A: There are many offers on every item with different percentages of Yoox in "". Please choose the store you want, choose a Yoox discount code, and the amount of order value saved is worth your trust.
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