Halloween Costumes on Euphoria Supposed to Be…

As if Euphoria’s unbelievably fantastic makeup and clothing weren’t enough to make you feel like a bunch of 17-year-olds are far cooler than you, this week’s episode included a Halloween party that proved these kids are anything but basic. Instead of the cat and mermaid costumes you’ve been wearing for all eternity, the Euphoria characters all wore outfits inspired by famous films. Except for Lexi’s Bob Ross outfit. But that was legendary in and of itself. Did you understand all the Halloween costumes on Euphoria?

If you have no idea what these outfits were, you are not alone. 
had to do lot of online research to figure things out. 
Here’s what each of the Halloween costumes on Euphoria was supposed to be.


Lexi was dressed as Bob Ross and said, “Eff your sexy Halloween costumes.” This power move just serves to reinforce why we should all be Lexi Howard fans.
Lexi had to inform a couple of individuals during the program that she was “the painter…from PBS.” You’re in for a treat if you’ve never heard of the great Bob Ross. He was the purest, sweetest man on television, with a show called The Joy of Painting. It’s almost ASMR-like. Also, as one YouTube user put it, “he didn’t paint to show you how wonderful of a painter he was.” He painted to demonstrate how wonderful a painter you might be.” Deep.


Jules wasn’t just any ordinary angel. Juliet (Claire Danes) from Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 film Romeo and Juliet was the inspiration for her outfit. The one with Leonardo DiCaprio, you know.
She pretty much killed it.
Oh, remember that scene in the pool where Rue and Jules kissed underwater? That was also clearly influenced by Romeo and Juliet. Look!


I know it makes the most logical sense to suppose Rue and Jules are Romeo and Juliet, but I don’t think Rue would go all out in a tux if Leonardo truly wore armor in that movie.
Reddit’s gurus feel her attire is a tribute to Marlene Dietrich in Morocco. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a 1930 film that included a kiss between two women and cemented Marlene’s place in history as an androgynous icon. This is perfect for Rue.


Kat wasn’t just any ordinary nun, you understand? 
Her outfit was nod to the film Ms. 45.
As Kat mentioned in the show, the film is about a woman who is attacked twice in one day and ends up killing people at a Halloween party while disguised as a nun. Kat wasn’t making up stories to terrify boys.


Maddy’s outfit was…a decision. She dressed up like Iris (a 12-year-old Jodie Foster) from Taxi Driver, a 1976 film.
Iris is sometimes referred to as a “teen prostitute,” which is distressing for a million different reasons. If you recall Maddy’s genesis story, she lost her virginity when she was 14 to a man far older than her, therefore this clothing choice is somewhat grim.


If, like McKay, you have no idea who Cassie was…you should know that she wasn’t just delivering us yeehaw reality.
She played the role of Alabama Worley (Patricia Arquette) in Quentin Tarantino’s True Romance. It’s essentially a gangster film about a geeky, Elvis-obsessed guy who falls in love with Alabama, a sex prostitute. They both become involved in some bizarre drug activity.


Didn’t the slight unibrow give it away? Daniel played Ted Bundy.
To be honest, this is apt, given that he claimed to be a kind man who is interested in Cassie but then turned out to be a terrible monster.


Can you believe Nate had the scariest costume at a party when the kids were genuinely dressed as serial killers and homicidal nuns? His was most likely not from a great film…he was just flexing the oddest flex of all time because he was recently in hot water with the cops for assaulting Maddy. Nonetheless, his outfit was a tremendous hit, despite being the most dubious thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
Even though these are fantastic, I’m probably just going to throw some glitter on and call myself a Euphoria child this year. Sorry.
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