Molly-Mae goes HEADLESS: Best Halloween outfits

Love Island’s Molly-Mae goes HEADLESS and Maura Higgins channels Julia Roberts in their greatest Halloween ensembles.

Given the show’s perma-swimwear policy, LOVE Island stars aren’t exactly known for dressing up.

But they went all out this Halloween, with a slew of terrifying costumes that would put Hollywood to shame.

X2coupons rounded up some of the greatest efforts from the reality stars, including a headless Molly-Mae and Maura Higgins as a renowned movie character.

Molly-Mae Hague

Molly-Mae is possibly the most renowned former Love Islander around these days, so she had to look great as well as creepy.

Attending the Pretty Little Thing party disguised as a deceased beauty queen seems to check both conditions.

The diva strutted in wearing a ribbon that said “Miss Halloween 2021,” blood gushing from a cut around her neck that made it appear as though her head was going to fall off.

Maura Higgins

“Big mistake. Huge!” No, Maura Higgins received significant acclaim for this chic ensemble reminiscent of Julia Roberts.

She arrived at the Pretty Little Thing party dressed as Vivian Ward, the down-on-her-luck Hollywood prostitute from Pretty Woman.

In fact, with her blonde bobbed wig and crimson lipstick, it was difficult to tell who she was. Unfortunately, without Giovanni, there was no Richard Gere to round out the cast.

Joanna Chimonides

Many drivers are having difficulty finding a parking place in most car parks, as a result of former Love Island stars posing in them.

Joanna Chimonides, a 2019 star, was no exception, posing in this sexy cat’ style piece and said, “Halloween, I’m ready for you.”

Now you just have to remember where you placed that parking ticket.

Kady McDermott

Love Island 2016’s Kady McDermott opted for the’sexy/scary’ feel, as did many other reality stars this year.

The scale, however, was strongly tipped in favor of the racy, with the singer dressed in a super-tight PVC attire and bondage-style boots.

However, if you look closely, you can see some ‘blood’ around her mouth and chest. Mission completed for Halloween!