The Most Legendary Halloween Costumes for Best Friends

It’s Halloween, girls! And you already know what that means… HALLOWEEN. With the epidemic, this year’s Halloween isn’t as exciting as it usually is, but these best buddy costumes will make up for it. Here are some seductive, badass, and extremely cute Halloween costumes for best friends!

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Victoria’s Secret Angels

This is the ideal Halloween costume for the best pals! It’s a lot of fun, a lot of sexiness, and a lot of fun to do in groups, like the Kardashian/Jenner family did for Halloween in 2018.

You might not have expected (especially after seeing photos of the Kardashians dressed as VS angels) that you can make this costume as modest or seductive as you desire.

We regard the Kar-Jenners as much more seductive with lingerie and enormous angel wings, but you could also wear the characteristic pink Victoria’s Secret robes with angel wings and it would be a terrific, fun, and more conservative Victoria’s Secret angel’s costume for you to perform with friends.

DIY Victoria’s Secret Angel Halloween Costume

Because there’s so much you can do with this (or, honestly, any!) costume, here are a few items you’ll need to pull off properly because nothing’s worse than showing up to a Halloween party and no one knows what you’re dressed as!

1. Angel Wings


It may seem apparent, but angel wings are ideal for this outfit! Stick to white or pink wings rather than black.

Here are some links to angel wings that can make your VS angel costume stand out: Check it out

2. Pink Satin Robe

This is one of Victoria’s Secret’s most famous and iconic items. If you’re merely wearing angel wings, some people could mistake you for a regular angel rather than Victoria’s Secret angel. If you wear the wings AND a pink satin robe, however, EVERYONE will know you’re a VS angel.

Look for a robe that is colorful and short. Here are a few possibilities to consider: HERE


3. Other Outfit Options

It’s up to you what you wear underneath the robe, but here are a few alternatives that can elevate your VS Angel costume!

4. Knee High Tights

Add knee-high stockings and tights to your VS Angel costume to make it sexier:

5. The Classic Victoria’s Secret Waves

This is an absolute must. Victoria’s Secret’s characteristic curls/waves have been imitated all over the world, and if you want to be the ultimate VS angel, you must flaunt those curls!

The simplest approach to create the seductive, blowout effect is to use hot curlers and leave them in for at least 40 minutes.

With these hot curlers, you get the ultimate seductive Victoria’s Secret bombshell blowout – they’re inexpensive and your hairstyle will stay all day!

Playboy Bunnies

Trying to come up with Halloween outfits for your best friends? Playboy bunnies are a sensual, traditional, and entertaining choice!

A particularly wonderful concept for this costume with a large number of females, as seen in the photo above, is to make Playboy bunny costumes in a variety of colors. It’s still a collective costume, but each female may be distinctive in her special hue.

Playboy bunny costumes are so popular that you can find them at any Halloween store, but here are some websites to help you out! This costume is an excellent choice for your group Playboy costumes since it is available in six distinct colors:

Here are some essentials for a Playboy bunny costume that will round off your Halloween ensemble!

Cheetah Girls

This is one of my favorite best buddy Halloween outfits! It’s nostalgic, entertaining, and timeless – who hasn’t seen Cheetah Girls and danced to every song in the film?!

Plus, you only need multicolored tracksuits, white shoes, and stylish headbands to construct this group costume. The only real restriction is that this outfit is best suited to parties of four.

What You Need to be a Cheetah Girl This Halloween

1. Colorful Tracksuits

You must have your characteristic monochrome tracksuit to be a Cheetah Girl. Orange, pink, purple, and blue are the available colors.

These vibrant tracksuits are fantastic choices for this group costume:

2. Colorful Headbands

Hairbands in bright colors will complete your Cheetah Girls costume! Here are a few amusing examples:

Sweatbands with Colorful Stretch
Yoga Headbands in Various Colors
If you’re searching for flexible, Y2K headbands, I recommend checking out these two sources because they come in every color and may be used beyond Halloween!

Girls, get your cheetah on!

Spice Girls

Each member is distinct, fun, and flirtatious! This Spice Girls female group costume is ideal for Halloween and highlights each of your pals’ distinct characteristics.

The Spice Girls are excellent best friend Halloween costumes!

What You Will Require for Your Spice Girls Costumes

Each member of the girl group wore a different attire, thus your costume will alter based on which girl you are.

Let’s take a look at what you should wear to each of the Spice Girls.

Spice Girl

If you want to be Baby Spice for Halloween, you need to buy the following items: white knee-high socks, a pink mini-dress, platform sneakers, and pigtails.

Check out these options for the ideal Baby Spice costume!

Posh Spice

Victoria Beckham’s defining looks as Posh Spice were a tiny black dress, large dark sunglasses, and stiletto heels.

This costume is simple to reproduce with anything you have in your closet, but here are a few choices to make it even better!

Ginger Spice

Ginger Spice’s attire is the most famous and iconic of the Spice Girls, and it’s because she wears a sparkly Union Jack mini-dress!

If you want to go the extra mile, add a red wig and lovely red knee-high boots to complete your Ginger Spice costume.

Scary Spice

CHEETAH PRINT WITH SCARY SPICE! That’s all you need to dress up as Scary Spice for Halloween. You may wear a cheetah print dress, top, skirt, jeans, heels, or anything else with a cheetah print.

Sporty Spice

If you enjoy sports and have a lot of sportswear or gym gear, you should dress up as Sporty Spice if you’re going as the Spice Girls for Halloween.

Wear track pants, a stylish tank top, and shoes to recreate Sporty Spice’s style! Here’s a cool idea:

PowerPuff Girls

This Powerpuff Girls outfit is ideal if you’re in a party of three!

What’s particularly cool about this costume is how simple it is to make and how diverse it may look depending on what you wear. Even if you produce distinct feelings, you’ll still be able to identify yourself as the Powerpuff Girls.

If you wish to make your outfit, gather a few mini-dresses (one in green, one in blue, and one in pink). Then you may accessorize with ear muffs, gloves, stockings, and hair accessories!

I’ve shared a slew of photographs of girls dressed as the Powerpuff Girls to demonstrate how varied each group’s outfits are while being extremely Powerpuff.

Blossom Costume

Make sure you have knee-high socks and a distinctive large hair bow for the ultimate DIY Blossom costume.

But, in addition to these necessities, here are a few extra alternatives for your Blossom costume that I know you’ll love:

Bubbles Costume

Aside from the blue hair bow and knee-high socks, here are some fun DIY costume ideas (including the loveliest fuzzy hair scrunchies)!

Buttercup Costume

Here are some fun all-green DIY costume ideas if you’re going to be Buttercup:


Fairies are one of the finest Halloween costumes for best friends! This Halloween costume is both elegant and sensual, and it can accommodate a large group of pals. This outfit is suitable for any size buddy group, whether it is for two or ten individuals.

The ideal way to approach this costume is to have each buddy dress up as a different hue fairy. Pastel and soft hues, which are more feminine and fairy-like, would be ideal for this group costume.

Check out these alternatives for some of the most beautiful fairy colors:

Purple Fairy Costume


White Fairy Costume

Black & White Swans

If you’re looking for stunning, elegant, and one-of-a-kind Halloween costumes for best friends, this black and white swan duet costume is a must-see.

This costume is exclusively for parties of two, but it is quite stylish and can be made as sexual or conservative as you like! Check out the links to each swan costume below.

White Swan Costume

You’ll need semi-transparent tights, huge swan wings (you can use Victoria’s Secret costume wings I posted earlier, too! ), and leotard skirts and bodysuits for the ultimate white swan costume.

Here are a few alternatives to supplement the basic White Swan outfit stated above:

Black Swan Costume

Black feather wings, semi-transparent stockings, and tiered tutu skirts are some requirements for a black swan Halloween costume, but here are some optional extras for a magnificent and timeless look:

These eight Halloween costumes for best friends are legendary and ideal for this year’s Halloween. They are some of the most immediately recognizable costumes EVER, and if you want a group costume that everyone will recognize while being fun and legendary, you MUST attempt these outfits!

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