Today we’ll go through how to draw this cute cat step by step.

I couldn’t stop picturing this kitty all week!

So when I set down to sketch it, it “just poured out.” There was no research, struggle, or unsuccessful efforts. One of those uncommon occasions. That makes me happy.

I hope you have fun sketching this courageous little cat.

Following the instruction, I will share a few drawing suggestions with you to ensure that your drawing is as good as it can be. We’ll see you there!

Here are some drawing tips:

  • This cute cat has larger-than-normal eyes. Kawaii eyes are often basic, consisting of a solid circle or oval. However, for this design, I merged kawaii and manga styles to test if they would increase attractiveness. What are your thoughts?
  • Take note of the subtle perspective in our adorable cat artwork. The back of the kitty’s body overlaps the front. The front legs are straight on, whereas the back legs are squashed towards the back due to the body covering them.
  • Look at the pink shadow beneath the kitten and how it casts a pinkish light on the kitty’s legs. This is an interesting shading effect. In real life, if you have a white ball adjacent to a red ball, the red from the red ball will “spill over” to the white ball. It appears to be quite cool.

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