We’ve arrived at the last destination on this year’s Halloween home tour. Hello and welcome to my spooky living room!
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This is my second favorite location I decorated this season, behind my bedroom. In the past, I just added Halloween to my year-round décor because my bookshelves overflowed with books. This year, I resolved to go above and above. I took everything off the bookcases bordering my TV stand and made it completely Halloween.

I was hoping to capture the Halloween light. I’ve waxed poetic about it before…and it’s one of the simplest ways to change a space for Halloween. I went on a jack-o-lantern shopping frenzy so I could display them on my shelf. I organized my Halloween stuff by Halloween icon (ghost, skeleton, witch) and created themed shelves. I’m delighted since this new technique has a lot of promise for expanding the curation of décor in the next years.

Continue reading to see how I decorated my creepy living room!


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If you dare to enter…

Halloween can be seen everywhere.

For Halloween, I changed out all of my typical artwork. (Yes, I included a shot of this outfit since the orange stood out!)

This pumpkin lamp post was the greatest $75 I’ve ever spent at Target. I have yet to be disappointed by this buy. (Or Matt’s fantastic Halloween calendar!)

Get spooky or leave. ✌️ (Reminder that you may find coffin letterboards here) (Reminder that you can find coffin letterboards here.)
I currently possess two Halloween radios. I bought this one because I like the design. When we get there, I’ll tell you about the other one…

Pout has arrived! I liked his gloomy expression, so he’ll be staying in the Spooky Little Apartment beyond Halloween.
This year’s must-have Halloween book, “Thirteen Tales for Halloween” by Andrew Noles, is featured in the coziest chair.
More self-made décor utilizing blog photos…and my new FatHead ghost logo. Isn’t it adorable?

But let’s return to this vision because there are so many exciting things going on. I wanted to make a focal point in my decor, so I removed all of my standard stuff from the shelves. I wish I had a mantle to decorate, but my TV will have to suffice till then.

No, seriously. EVERYWHERE.

A dramatic centerpiece out of a dollar shop witch hat by taping 7-8 foot lengths of orange crepe paper inside and twisting them. Simple. Effective. Stunning.
Don’t criticize me for my lousy tape job!

—but this shot is of Cracker Barrel’s AMAZING haunted house. I adore how it glows, especially with the green bat projection. It was $40, but I had a gift card, and it nicely complements my Halloween glow.
Shelf themes! Is it possible to find Andrew and Devin from Your Best Halloween Ever stashed away in there?
The illuminated skull is a year-round home décor that has been reused for Halloween.

Mummies made of pumpkins! Both were spontaneous purchases this year that I do not regret. They’re adorable!
Okay, here’s the other Halloween radio in the upper right corner of the shot. I saw this at Ross and disliked the facade and felt the projects were a little tacky. It also appeared cheap, and the dial sticker was peeling off, as you can see because I haven’t replaced it yet. And, at just under $20, I thought it was excessive for the quality.

BUT THE SONG: I couldn’t get it out of my brain after hearing it. I saw it twice more in stores before deciding I needed it.

One of my favorite settings on my shelves this year—is a collection of some of my favorite items!
These lights were another early-season impulse purchase…and, ironically, the final item of decor I put in the living room! The pumpkins are powered by a battery pack and sing the chorus of “Monster Mash” when you click the button. I found these at Big Lots, but I’ve also seen them at HEB, a local grocery store company in Texas.
Who wants to watch scary movies with me this weekend?


This year, you can also see my black and orange bathroom, candy kitchen, frightening office, and haunting bedroom.

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Enjoy your haunting,