Halloween Snack Ideas – 25 Charcuterie and Snack Boards

Around here, we adore a good treat/charcuterie board! We adore Halloween, so I couldn’t resist sharing these wonderful Halloween snack ideas with you. I browsed Instagram and Pinterest for the finest of the greatest ideas. Visiting X2coupons for more!

Charcuterie boards appear to be quite impressive, but they are very simple to put up. Simply arrange your snacks in groups and you’re ready to go! Check out our piece on charcuterie boards for the fall season here. I’ll offer a variety of types to get you in the mood for Halloween, such as pink treat boards, breakfast boards, classic charcuterie, kid-friendly, and sweets!

Now let’s see Halloween Snack Ideas – 25 Charcuterie and Snack Boards.

Pink Treat Boards for Halloween

These pink-themed Halloween treat boards are right up my alley. The first board was designed by us! This beautiful ghost dish was purchased here. It would be ideal for a Halloween goodie board! Bonjour Fete provided the plates and napkins. The tiny ceramic cauldron is available here! It’s the ideal size for your treat boards and only costs $10!

Treat Boards with Skulls

I love how these boards are shaped and colored like skulls! Gather your favorite white and dark chocolate sweets and you’re ready to go. Consider the following: doughnut holes, white chocolate goodies, and marshmallows. So adorable!

Charcuterie Boards for Halloween

Now for the classic charcuterie boards (meats and cheeses). I like how a couple of these put eyes on brie (and little brie circles) to make them creepy. I’ve been dying to try the prosciutto-covered skull for a long time! These would be a hit at any of your future Halloween events!

The first charcuterie board I made was for a Halloween party we just hosted. It was a big success!

Hocus Pocus Charcuterie/Treat Boards

My daughters adore Hocus Pocus, and these themed treat boards are adorable. They also appear to be quite simple to put together!

Breakfast Treat Boards with a Halloween Theme

I’m a sucker for breakfast boards (see our waffle post here), and they are all so adorable! My daughters would adore these. We recently purchased a spider web and skull waffle maker and are excited to put them to work for one of these!

Candy Treat Boards for Halloween

Of all, Halloween would be incomplete without goodies! Add all of the festive Halloween candy and you’re ready to go!

Ideas for Semi-Homemade Treats

I adore quick semi-homemade treat ideas since they are so simple! Your children can also assist you with them. To make ghosts, we prepared chocolate-covered pretzels with sugar eyeballs. To make a ghost dessert, we dipped rice Krispy treats in melted chocolate and topped them with candy eyeballs. Dip Oreos and Nutter Butters in white chocolate and then decorate with candy eyeballs. Spiders are created by combining Oreos with pretzel sticks. Simply add candy eyes to anything and it becomes frightening!