So, what’s new about my Halloween antics? My buddy and I decided to host a fun and haunted Halloween dinner party in her husband’s former business, a century-old cottage. It featured an arched entryway and two brick fireplaces. And the age to make it feel like the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. It was ideal, so I had to go all out.

Haunted Halloween Dinner Party Preparation

We could only invite 10 couples because it was rather tiny, just enough to fit on the enormous dining table we set up. Our Halloween motif was old Victorian. We began by constructing a dry branch chandelier and arch above the fireplace. We started with the ravens and spiderwebs, then moved on to the spooky skulls and candles. I’m not sure how many candles we used, but there were a lot.

For the filler, we utilized mercury glass and bones combined with moss, and for the table settings, we used black and gold. For the name card holders, I spray-painted plastic vampire teeth, which worked well.



I intended to create an old-house sense in the doorway by creating a portrait wall covered in photographs I edited with our visitors’ faces on them. It was a pleasant surprise for them to discover themselves atop the body of a deceased individual. Some were tied to the costumes, such as mine, Marie Antoinette’s, Tyler’s, King Louis, and our co-hosts, the Vikings.

As guests entered, they were greeted with a wall of pictures and then urged to participate in a treasure hunt. I’ve attached the WELCOME HERE page. So you can download it, print it, and then make up your stuff to seek for. The blank backdrop picture: is HERE.

Spooky Dinner Is Comming

I had a massive charcuterie board inside a skeleton, as well as other interesting features like the coffin with Poe quotations inside and, of course, additional pictures.

We had a fortune teller table inside one of the rooms, complete with a crystal ball and fortunes for each guest. It was one of the artifacts found throughout the search. If you want to see the details, I have everything on film in my reels on Instagram. I forgot to take photographs since I was running about, and I’m sorry about that, but the movies are entertaining to watch.


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And so, Trick or Treat my friends!