Halloween is a beautiful time of year! I know most people use that phrase for Christmas, but for me, it’s the last 3 months of the year. I just love October, November, and December, but especially Halloween! That’s why I made this  Printable Halloween Bucketlist.

Check out more artworks on Now, let’s see the Halloween Bucketlist can make you terrified.

Here’s what you need:

A color printer

– Paper (as thick as your printer can handle)

– Printable Halloween itself

This bucket list, like the printable Fall Team List, is full of fun activities to get in the real Halloween mood! But you can also just hang the bucket list in a nice list and put it somewhere in the house. It was something off the list that was crossed out.

The Printable Halloween Bucketlist includes the following activities:

  • Plant or choose a pumpkin.
  • Alcohol or eerie beverages
  • Halloween decorations for your home
  • Prepare apple caramel
  • Read or compose a ghost story.
  • Candlelight dinner
  • Taking a walk in the dark
  • View a horror film
  • Make your own Halloween goodies.

There will be lots of fun things to do this Halloween! And we always look forward to the good stuff when the year comes to an end. So what is your favorite activity? Let me know under this blog post and maybe it will be on the bucket list next year!

This printout is for personal use only, you may not sell or redistribute it. If you link to this printout on your website or blog, please link to this blog post and not the file itself, thank you!