Chocolate Peanut Butter Overnight Oats recipe contains natural sweetener, protein powder, bananas, walnuts, and a little more chocolate.

clear glass bowl of chocolate peanut butter overnight oats

Is there a flavor combination more lovely than chocolate and peanut butter? I say no, no, no. The traditional flavor combination is now available as a nutritious, quick-to-prepare breakfast that even the busiest people can fit into their schedule. Amazing Easy Overnight Oats are like having dessert for breakfast.

What are Chocolate Peanut Butter Overnight Oats?

Overnight oats are produced by combining conventional old-fashioned oats or even steel-cut oats with liquid and a few other ingredients, letting them rest overnight, and then serving as a cold oatmeal or porridge with a texture like rice pudding or even tapioca pudding (or at least a few hours). They have a nice pudding-like texture in the morning. They are my preferred no-cook, no-bake oatmeal preparation technique, especially during the heat.

Why are Overnight Oats so wonderful?

  • They are hearty and healthy, packed with nutrients, and they make you feel full for longer. Essentially a superfood with the right ingredients. For more omega-3s and complex carbs, you can add chia seeds, ground flax meal, wheat bran, or hemp hearts. For a boost in nutrition, add collagen or protein powder!
  • Meal preparation is made simple with overnight oats, which can be made in large quantities and prepared in advance. They are the ideal breakfast for traveling. They take ten minutes to prepare.
  • You can easily modify it by substituting numerous ingredients to meet your dietary and allergy requirements. You can also reduce or leave out the sweetener completely. It will undoubtedly alter the flavor, but hey, less sugar!


  • Oats are sometimes gluten-free.
  • Greek yogurt that is plain and can be swapped with plant-based milk, cocoa powder
  • Despite having fewer calories and fat than conventional peanut butter, powdered peanut butter is still quite flavorful and filling.
  • Honey, agave nectar, or another neutral-flavored liquid sweetener can be used as vanilla sweetener.
  • Bananas, peanut butter, your choice of nuts, dried fruit, etc. are optional toppings.


clear glass bowl with layers of oats, cocoa powder, yogurt, and milk.

  1. Combine the dry ingredients as follows: peanut butter powder, cocoa powder, oats, and, if desired, chocolate protein powder.
  2. Include the moist ingredients: yogurt, sweetener, milk, and vanilla
  3. Blend until joined and cover. Milk and yogurt can be kept in the refrigerator for up to three days or until their expiration date.

Substitutions and variations for overnight oats:

  • Sweetener: Due to their mild flavors, I like to use agave nectar or honey, but you could also use pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, brown sugar, stevia, or another neutral sweetener.
  • Milk: I like dairy or almond milk best, but you could also use water or oat or nut milk. I don’t recommend using water because it will affect the flavor.
  • Chocolate Protein Powder can be reduced or eliminated entirely; I include it for the additional protein boost. A different flavor of protein powder could also be used. You have the option of using protein powder made from dairy or plants.
  • Plain Greek Yogurt: I add this for creaminess; if you are allergic to dairy, you can just use your favorite plant-based milk instead.