Keto avocado egg salad recipe

Avocado egg salad is so flavorful that you’ll want to prepare it frequently. Prepare a nutritious, fresh, low-carb meal.

This is one of a select number of salad recipes that I enjoy making repeatedly. You’re going to enjoy it just as much as I do, so I’m pleased to share it with you.

Keto avocado egg salad recipe Keto avocado egg salad recipe

This dish is ideal for lunch or as a side dish. With just a few raw vegetables on the side, it would be sufficient to serve as your full meal. Additionally, you may offer it as a side dish during cookouts and celebrations.

To cookouts and barbecues, I enjoy bringing my own low-carb side dishes. Even though I can’t always rely on finding keto-friendly options, if I bring my own food, I know there will always be something for me to eat.

This recipe employs basic things that I already have in my refrigerator, which I adore. In fact, you’ll be able to make it simpler the following time once you’ve done it once. It’s simple to memorize the recipe.

Avocado egg salad Ingredients

chopped and pitted one large avocado
3 cooked eggs, hard
2 tablespoons of mayo
1 tablespoon lime juice, fresh (can also use lemon)
1-tablespoon minced chives
Tastes of salt and pepper

Avocado egg salad Optional

Wraps with butter lettuce


Keto avocado egg salad recipe

Keto avocado egg salad recipe

  1. Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Add more chives or more lime juice to taste.


Keto avocado egg salad recipe

  • This is the ideal recipe for meal preparation and making ahead of time lunches. Make this lunch toward the beginning of the week and store it in the fridge so you can involve it until the end of the week.
  • Keep it in a container that keeps out air.Before the texture changes, it will last about a week.
  • The lime juice will ensure that the avocado stays fresh for this long. My favorite kitchen trick is that. Add lemon or lime juice to the chopped avocado to prevent it from turning brown.