Keto breakfast roll ups

Keto breakfast roll ups create the best low-carb breakfast to take with you! This simple keto meal with only 4 ingredients will become your new go-to breakfast.

Keto breakfast roll ups

I kept it simple and cooked this delicious keto sausage, egg, and cheese recipe. They’re great for those busy mornings because they’re just as quick and tasty as our well-liked keto pizza roll-ups!

Everyone like these easy-to-make keto sausage, egg, and cheese roll-ups because they save so much time. They are also incredibly simple to modify and may be filled with whatever the kids like!

Instead of using sausage, you may substitute bacon, add shredded cheddar cheese, or sprinkle ketchup or hot sauce on top before rolling. Include these homemade low-carb air-fried sausage patties with them as well!

The options are limitless and mouthwatering!

These quick breakfast roll-ups just only 5 ingredients, so they’re perfect for when I’m running behind schedule. Even when we’re short on time, this makes sure that everyone—including me—will enjoy a nutritious breakfast!

Unfortunately, the flavor of these roll ups is greatest right out of the oven. However, you can prepare the sausage and egg the night before, chill, then reheat in the morning, then assemble as needed. You’ll save even more time by doing this.

Keto breakfast roll ups Ingredients

Keto breakfast roll ups

  • 10 eggs
  • 1/2 lb of sausage, ground
  • 10 slices of mozzarella
  • taste of salt and pepper


Keto breakfast roll ups

  1. Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Eggs should be added to the cooked sausage.
  3. Set aside after stirring until cooked.
  4. Put material paper on the treat sheet and top with mozzarella cheddar cuts.
  5. Cheese should be baked for 5 to 6 minutes, or until the edges begin to brown. Allow the cheese to cool down after removing it from the oven.
  6. Divide the eggs and sausage equally among the cheese slices and the roll.
  7. Optional: Cook until crispy by lightly butter-greasing your pan.