This vegan dill chickpea salad is extremely simple to make, delicious, and full. The creamy dressing, generously flavored with fresh dill and zesty lemon juice, is so wonderful you won’t believe it’s dairy-free! Can be made ahead of time and is ideal for packing lunches! Gluten-free and vegan.

This vegan chickpea salad has it all: a wonderful crunch, plenty of protein and fiber to keep you full, and a slew of fresh flavors.

We’ve prepared this dish at least a hundred times since we’re so smitten with it! It doesn’t matter if it’s summer, winter, or rainy, this no-cook delicious creamy salad is always an excellent choice.

It’s fantastic for a quick lunch on the run, but it’s also a great side salad to go with nearly anything, especially burgers and sandwiches. It’s also a great salad to bring to potlucks or barbecues. Everyone likes it, including non-vegans!

I like how well it keeps in the fridge, making it one of my favorite meal-prep recipes. It is so delicious that it never lasts that long in the fridge, and cooking it ahead of time allows all of the flavors to meld.

The vegan dill dressing is just wonderful and is most likely the star of the meal. It’s thick and creamy, wonderfully garlicky, acidic from the lemon juice, and wow, the fresh dill adds just the right amount of flavor. This dish, along with crisp celery and substantial chickpeas for a lovely Mediterranean taste profile, will show to everyone that salads don’t have to be boring!

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  • Very simple and quick to prepare.
  • Making it is not costly.
  • Excellent meal-prep recipe
  • Ideal for packing lunches
  • Plant-based protein is good for you.
  • Include a delicious creamy vinaigrette.
  • It is completely dairy-free and naturally gluten-free.
  • Versatile and extremely adaptable
  • So full of vibrant, fresh tastes!


  • Chickpeas: I always use canned chickpeas for convenience, but you may also use cooked chickpeas from scratch.
  • Celery: I believe celery is required in this dish! Fresh, crisp, and crunchy, which goes great with the dressing.
  • Red pepper: offers crunch as well as color.
  • Green onions: for a delicate onion taste. Finely sliced red onion might also be used, however, the taste would be stronger.
  • Both vegan plain yogurt and vegan cashew mayo work nicely. If you use yogurt (I like this cashew yogurt from Forage), make sure it has no flavor or sweetness.
  • Lemon juice will give the dressing a great tang and zesty bright taste. Bottle juice is inferior to freshly squeezed juice!
  • Garlic: For the finest flavor, use fresh garlic rather than garlic powder!
  • Sweetener: I used maple syrup, but any sweetener would do. However, I believe liquid sweetener would work better and be easier to incorporate with the dressing.
  • Dijon mustard: adds a ton of flavor to the dressing!
  • Fresh dill is essential for this salad. I haven’t tried dried dill, but if you want to try it, start with less.
  • Capers: Similar to caesar dressing, capers add a fantastic taste boost to this creamy dressing.


This salad should be ready in about 10 minutes!


In a medium mixing bowl, combine the vegan plain yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, fresh dill, capers, sweetener, dijon, and salt. Seasoning should be tasted and adjusted. Place aside.


Combine the chickpeas, celery, green onion, and red pepper in a large mixing basin. Pour the dressing over the salad and toss to mix.

And voila!

Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.


  • This recipe yields two servings, which are ideal for a side salad or a light lunch with toast. Do not be afraid to double the recipe because it keeps nicely in the fridge and makes excellent lunches on the run.
  • I recommend cutting the vegetables into tiny, uniform pieces. This ensures that you receive a little bit of everything in each mouthful and creates a nicer texture overall. Smaller chunks are also ideal for sandwiches and topping crackers.
  • Don’t be afraid to prepare the salad or the dressing ahead of time. The taste will develop and fade in the creamy yogurt or mayo while resting, making it even better!
  • Make careful to thoroughly drain the chickpeas to avoid thinning out the dressing.
  • Season the dressing to your preference!