Vegan Peach Blueberry Cobbler

   Take a mouthful of this Peach Blueberry Cobbler and savor it. In addition to being gluten-free, the addition of luscious blueberries improves this vegan peach cobbler. Make all of your dessert wishes for the summer come true by serving it with a scoop of ice cream.

An overhead shot of a cast iron skillet of vegan and gluten-free blueberry peach cobbler


   Hello there, buddies! How are things going with your summer so far? Can we just take a moment to discuss how wonderful it is to have the sun back in our lives? Even though the season has just begun, I am already pleading with Summer to never end. Sunshine, languid mornings, cat cuddles, and afternoon walks are preferable to anything else.
I suppose I’ll just find a method to slow time down so I can savor every moment of this wonderful summer season

A close up of a white bowl of vegan cobbler made with peaches and blueberries and topped off with a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream

What is Cobbler?
I don’t think I’ve ever had cobbler, to be completely honest. Before I started to create this peach blueberry cobbler recipe, I actually had to ask my mother what a cobbler was. Just a fruit crisp, then? A cake?? What is it, though? I discovered that cobbler is essentially warm, bubbling fruit topped with something that is a cross between a cake and a biscuit based on my exhaustive research (shout out to Google) and personal tales. Spoiler alert: It’s absolutely delicious.
I would have included this on your July 4th menu yesterday. It’s a traditional summer treat that may perhaps jog your and your visitors’ recollections. I can just see you enjoying this peach blueberry cobbler while laughing with your loved ones at an outdoor table. Oh, and of course you enjoy seeing their reactions when you inform them that the peach blueberry cobbler is vegan. My friend, you can achieve it.
A bowl of sliced peaches and blueberries macerating in sugar and tapioca starch to form the filling for a vegan cobblerIngredients for Vegan Peach Blueberry Cobbler
Getting up early on Saturdays to visit our farmer’s market is one of my favorite summer activities. There is nothing better than taking a stroll through the market to see the wonderful fruit. Summer produce is the best. When I saw the juiciest blueberries at the market, I knew I wanted to create a vegan peach cobbler, but I changed my mind and decided to make a peach blueberry cobbler instead.

Here’s all what you need to fulfill your ambitions of becoming a cobbler:

  • Peaches with blueberries. Two cups of blueberries and four to five peaches are required. Frozen fruit can completely work if the fresh fruit isn’t looking its finest at your market.
  • tapenade starch This is the topping and filling for our vegan biscuit. Cornstarch could be used as well.
  • coconut nectar. Granulated sugar would work just as well, but I prefer the toasty flavor of coconut sugar.
  • almond meal. This gives our peach blueberry cobbler topping a wonderful, nutty flavor.
  • Acorn flour. You may make your own oat flour if you don’t have any on hand by pulverizing oats in a food processor or blender!
  • Baker’s powder Baking powder is the ingredient we need to make our peach blueberry cobbler topping fluffy.
  • Salt. Every baked recipe should include it to counteract the sweetness!
  • Coconut nut oil We use this in place of butter.
  • Non dairy milk. You may also select any other plant-based milk you prefer
  • Vanilla essence There isn’t a single baked item that vanilla extract doesn’t improve.

There is, of course, one additional component that is optional but highly suggested: ice cream. of course, the vegan variety. I used plain vanilla ice cream made with almond milk, but feel free to use any flavor you like. Do it now.

A close up shot of a peach and blueberry cobbler with a gluten-free and vegan topping

How to Make the Vegan Gluten-Free Cobbler Topping

    You did read that correctly. Thanks to a few easy ingredient adjustments, this delectable peach blueberry cobbler is not only vegan but gluten-free as well!
The topping for our vegan peach blueberry cobbler is a combination of oat and almond flour. Together, the two flours produce a delectable flavor and the ideal texture.
– To begin, combine the flours with the baking powder, salt, and 1 tablespoon of the tapioca starch.
– Then, in a separate bowl, combine the 1/4 cup of coconut sugar, the almond milk, the vanilla extract, and the coconut oil.
– Once the wet and dry ingredients have been combined, slowly pour the wet ingredients into the dry components’ bowl and stir until a soft dough forms.
– It’s that easy! No rest period, no kneading. Making the peach blueberry filling is the next step.

A cast iron skillet holding a blueberry peach cobbler

How to Make the Peach Blueberry Filling for Vegan Cobbler

You believed that the topping was simple. Await the filling until we make it! My friends, it doesn’t get any easier than this peach blueberry cobbler.

  • If you’re using fresh peaches, you should first slice them. To get the four cups that we need, you’ll need roughly 4-5 peaches. Then put your peaches and 2 cups of blueberries in a bowl.
  • Simply mix a little tapioca starch and coconut sugar with the fruit, then set it aside to rest. The starch will assist create the rich, sweet syrupy sweetness we’re searching for in our peach blueberry cobbler when the fruit is macerated in the sugar.
  • Pour your fruit onto your baking dish once it has been thoroughly combined and has begun to release its juices. For this, I used a cast-iron pan, but you could also use a glass casserole dish. If you want to make a presentation, cast-iron is definitely something I’d advise!
  • After that, top your fruit filling with spoonfuls of your vegan biscuit topping and bake it for 35 to 40 minutes at 350 degrees. Finished!
    A bowl of blueberry peach cobbler served alongside a halved peach and a few raw blueberries

Customize your Vegan Cobbler

There are so many baking recipes that call for precision that even a little bit of tinkering could result in thick muffins, burnt cookies, or flat cakes. However, this cobbler recipe is quite adaptable and simple to play with with. Here are some suggestions about how to be imaginative!

  • Alternate your fruit. In this cobbler recipe, I prefer the peach and blueberry combination, but other fruits will work. Are the peaches at the supermarket bruised? Just use blueberries and leave the others out! You don’t enjoy blueberries. Strawberry use! finding this recipe when summer is coming to an end? Take a few apples! You get the idea — there are a ton of options!
  • Become zesty. Who else wants to have a lemon-blueberry moment now? Your fruit filling should have some lemon juice and zest (from about half a lemon). It will give the filling a vivacious, sunny flavor that will truly elevate it.
  • lA texture game. This cobbler of peaches and blueberries already has a lot going for it. It simultaneously has a fluffy, crumbly, and juicy texture. If you enjoy a satisfying crunch, consider adding more sugar to the top of your biscuit layer to make it particularly crunchy and golden brown. We all know and adore the velvety, melty pleasure that vanilla ice cream or vegan whipped cream will add.
  • Fruit frozen in use Let’s face it, it can be pricey to use a whole bunch of fruit. When we seek a taste of summer in the midst of winter, peaches are often nowhere to be found in the grocery store. You can still savor this delectable fruit cobbler, I’m here to tell you right now! In this recipe, frozen fruit will still work perfectly. Before making your filling, simply allow it to defrost a little.

A bowl of blueberry peach cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream alongside the full cast iron skillet of cobbler